Kianda Cereals Producers

Location: Tharaka North

Kianda Cereals Producers is a Community Based Organization (CBO) with a membership of 423 through 19 member groups and operating in Maragwa Location, Tharaka North Sub County of Tharaka Nithi County.

IAS K mostly works with or through local partners with the aim of strengthening their capacity to support development initiatives while still advocating for the least privileged in their society. IAS K has been able to capacity build over 10 CSOs over a period of time to be strong advocates for
the least privileged and has continued to train over 100 stakeholders to be able to support development initiatives. This ensures ownership and sustainability.

“Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.”

— Irish Proverb

The CBO has been in partnership with IAS K since January 2017 implementing a resilience water project in Kamwathu Sub Location, Maragwa Location with support from Swedish Mission Council (SMC). Through the partnership, four mechanical excavated water pans
have been realized with over forty manual made water pans in place and more than two hundred farmers having developed their capacities through various training which enabled the CBO become vibrant and strong advocates for development and good will in continuous partnership.

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