Rose Kimani

Board Chair

Rose is a passionate visionary Leader, who has a great strengths in Mentoring and coaching. She is a seasoned Microfinance banker with over 25 years’ experience in asset and liability growth, as well as quality management. She has served in several Boards, including Church, school, Sacco and now currently serving as the board Chair of IAS board. She has served in several Leadership roles in the Church, currently serving in premarital counselling and young Ladies Ministry. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Dynamics, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. Rose has been certified by the Frankfurt Business school on SME lending, and attended Executive Leadership Trainings from Daystar and Strathmore University. She is one of the privileged few, who have won the prestigious award in Banking: The Life Achievement Award in Banking.

Rose is persionate about the family unit, and she takes on the burden to mentor young people to make the right choices in life..

Joy Mdivo

Board Member

Joy Mdivo is an advocate of the high court of Kenya of 18 years standing. She is the Executive Director of the East Africa Centre for Law and Justice, EACLJ. A position she has held for the last 10 years. Previously Joy Mdivo was the Executive Director of the Christian Legal Education Aid and Research, CLEAR Kenya, the Legal Aid branch of the Kenya Christian lawyers Fellowship. Prior to Joining the civil society, Ms Mdivo worked with the Kenyan Judiciary for six years, starting as a District Magistrate, rising throught he rank of Sennior resident Magistrate, before resigning from public service. She currently serves on several boards, she is a Member of the Law society of Kenya, and currently chairs the Kenya Power board of directors.

Joy is a master in legal matters, and she is willing to offer guidance and direction to the general public on matters legal, She is often sought for by media companies to offer legal perspectives in public issues.

Julius Kitheka

Board Member

"Living for, and serving Him with gladness in all I do, is the best response and appreciation of His love and goodness in my life " Julius is the official IAS K lawyer, who has a long standing relationship with IAS K from the 90s. He brings wealth of experience and professionalism from his legal background.

Being a certified and experience lawyer, Julius extends his passion for God to his profession, being an example to many in the industry.

Linda Butali

Board Member

Linda worked with IAS together with her husband for about 4 years, and during that time, they learnt a lot of IAS Programmes, and the approach of service delivery to the community. She is very grateful to God for the experience. She is also very grateful to God for the opportunity to serve again, as part of the board.

Linda is passionate about work and work ethic, and endeavours to have work done diligently in accordance with what the word of God dictates .

John Kuria

Board Treasurer

John Kamau has been a partner of IAS K for over 13years. He holds Christian values, loves serving God and lives Christian life in all its fullness. He is honest and dependable. Having been in accounting and finance for over 20years, he brings wealth of experience in accounting, finance and leadership in management of Donor funds.

John is a mentor for young adults, on matters career and the go to person for financial literacy.

John Magangi

Board Member

John Magangi has been a partner with IAS K for over 15 years, both at individual and at institutional levels. He holds Christian values highly which the organization ascribes to. He is a person of integrity, honesty and loves helping people, especially the underprivileged. He brings wealth of experience from church perspective and loves serving God" He is a Pastor with development background and interests, and has served with IAS globally especially in Training of Pastors in South Sudan.

John has a passion in spreading the word of God to all people, he is a preacher and a teacher