Data Privacy Policy

IAS K collects various types of data in the course of our work. This data helps us improve our programming and find ways to achieve a greater impact or change our approach. We collect data about our target communities, our partners and right holders, and store the data securely within our systems as per our data storage policies.

Data capture. Why and how ?

IAS K has established mechanisms to get informed consents from constituents at all times, whenever we collect data. The types of data wewe collect include include photo captions, video and audio which at most times is personally identifiable. In many cases where information is captured by our partners, and its meant for public consumption, we ensure that it all aligns with our data privacy policies before we store, process or use it. We encourage our contituents to at all times, officially communicate to us whenever they wish to get more insights on our data policies.

IAS K Data Sharing Policy

At IAS K, we take note of further use of the data we share with third parties as our responsibility because we have the initial content from our contituent. We therefore prohibit further processing of IAS K data whether its publicly available or shared via our media or reports we share. Whenever there is need of further processing, we have to get further informed consent from our constituents through official communication.

Data collected from right holders is shared to our partners, who are interested in knowing how their contribution has been used to implement the change they would want to see.

We share our project data with the Government, who are our partners in delivering the projects within their counties. We also share data to the general public, because our work is of public interest and the public is required to know how we deliver our promise to the communities we serve.

Web Content and Social Media Policy

One of the channels we use are our websites and social media, and are powerful ways of sharing our work, connecting with others and inviting conversations about the work we do. IAS K always ensure that the right staff, with contextual insights are required to post and publish information in these sites. Further scrutiny of the the authenticity of the information shared is confirmed by our media team.

Where What we post misrepresent our communities, or draw unwanted attention, or becomes the target of online trolls looking to discredit or harass both the organization and/ or the right holders, we have a set process to address such instances.

Our sharing policy prohibits the use of our constituent photos and stories, unless there is express written permission granted, and the use of the contents ratified by IAS K and further Informed consent granted from the constituents.

IAS K works with different groups of interested parties and has set mechanisms to achieve diverse representation without tokenizing or mispresenting our work to politicize our services or projects.

Our kind of project is to improve peoples livelihoods. IAS K recognizes and take precautions of Security risks of posting locations, photos of people’s faces, and other sensitive identifiable content. We endeavour to share our success stories on how we have become a catalyst for change in our programming, and we invite the right holders to share their stories.