Solvatten Project

Thematic Area: Intergrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)Project
Funded by: Solvatten Sweden
Project Status: Ongoing
Project Lead: Jonah Cherutich

Solvatten containers are used to purify raw water, so as to make it safe for consumption. In Tharaka Nithi, Tana River and Wajir Counties, the communities draw water directly from rivers, shallow wells, earth dams and streams which is not safe for drinking.

This has led to a lot of cases of water related illnesses and outbreaks e.g cholera. This containers do come in handy as they ensure households are able to have safe drinking water. The Solvatten container uses UV sun rays that heat the water and purifies it making it safe for consumption. It has a carrying capacity of 10 litres which it can boil & purify in about 3hrs under the hot sun.

On average 2 rounds a day providing 20 litres of safe purified drinking water. IAS K has distributed over 5000 units as of May, 2020. The project is still ongoing and more partnership is expected with Solvatten Sweden.

The Community Health Volunteers being trained by Solvatten Team
Beneficiaries holding their containers

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/ August 25, 2023

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