Mainstreaming Cross-cutting Issues

Building the capacity of the local organization and organized communities to be advocates for the least privileged while aiming at strengthening their participation in humanitarian interventions, poverty reduction and sustainable development initiatives. 

Mental Health Day - 10th October

In todays society, there are many people that have been affected by life situations, which negatively affect their mental health. The well being of a human being is fully dependent on their mental health, this drives their ability to be productive members of the society, and be able to contribute positively in the society.

Being a mental health week, we have brought an expert to talk about these issues.


Sanitary Pads Distribution

Reached out to targeted school going girls

Distribution of Innerwears & Sanitary Towels

IASK in partnership with Linas Matkasse responded to the sanitary needs of 3000 Vulnerable Children in Tharaka during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Children were part of the 10000 being fed through the Plate for Plate project.


Distribition of Clothing

Distribition of Innerwears

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