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Our Programmes

What We do

At the heart of all we do are the communities we serve.

All our programmes are themed in six main areas, and resulting projects are scoped for maximum impact, geared towards uplifting the well-being of the individuals who are at a loss, because of their disposition, geographic location, lack of resources for basic education or a disability.

"We pull together as stewards, to bridge the gap for the future"

What We Do


Our projects are based on targeted feasibility studies in six thematic areas, ensuring actionable outcomes.

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The objective of this thematic area is to ensure provision of adequate, accessible clean water and sanitation facilities through protecting, restoring and managing water-related ecosystems.


Humanitarian Interventions

Providing material or logistical assistance to a group of people in need of aid during man-made disasters, natural disasters, conflicts, violence, poverty.


Inclusive Education

We support and proactively contribute towards pupils’ access, retention and transition to the next level of education especially children facing barriers to learning. Our support is based on the needs and availability of resources


Resilience & Disaster Risk Reduction

To improve adaptive livelihoods through improved agricultural production technologies, environmental conservation and locally led climate change actions. IASK takes a deliberate effort to contribute to environmental stewardship and helps the communities develop resilience towards shocks and stresses in their own environment to address the effects of climate change.


Civil Society Development

The objective of this Program is to build the capacity of the local organization and organized communities to be advocates for the least privileged while aiming at strengthening their participation in humanitarian interventions, poverty reduction and sustainable development initiatives.


Mainstreaming Cross-cutting Issues

In the course of project delivery, we ensure cross-cutting issues such as disability, gender mainstreaming, gender-based violence (GBVs), HIV/AIDS, FGM, protection of human rights, cancer awareness etc. are addressed.


Our Work


We employ proven project deployment methodogies, riding on our 7 pillar resilience model, we are assured our work improves the stance of the communities we serve, to live dignified lives.
Our Project framework

Our Partners

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Project Insights

We capture moments from the field, and we'd like you to interact with us in our blog section

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Get Involved!

At IAS K, we believe our strength to deliver comes from the ability of everyone who believes in our course, to join us by contributing to support our work.

How to Donate

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IAS Kenya © Copyright 2024. All Rights Reserved.