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Integrated Water Resource Management

Water & Sanitation

Inclusive Education

Quality learning

Resillience & Disaster Risk Reduction


Civil Society Development

Build Capacity

Humanitarian Intervention

Assist in Disasters


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You can commit to support our course by as little as one hundred shillings, we always make public the projects we do and provide detailed reports thereafter. Engage with us and see just how long your assistance goes.

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What we do

Our our goal is to ensure communities are self reliant to changes, and are sustainable. We help bring this to reality through five thematic areas as explained below.

Civil Society Development

We build capacity of the local organizations and communities, to be advocates of the least priviledged.

Inclusive Education

We strive to ensure equal access and sustained provision of quality learning opportunities for children with barriers to learning.

Mainstream Cross-cutting Issues

We ensure cross-cutting issues such as disability gender mainstreaming, gender based violence are addressed.

Integrated Water Resource Management

Provision of adequate, accessible clean water and sanitation facilities, theough protecting water-related ecosystems.

Resilience & Disaster Risk Reduction

We contribute to environmental stewardship, to help communities develop resilience towards shocks and stresses of their own enviroment.

Humanitarian Intervention

We provide material and logistical assistance to people caught up in disasters.

Mary Githiomi

In all we do, We strive to achieve our Vision, which is "A World where communities are empowered to live dignified lives”..

Leif Zetterlund

We seek to empower communities through promotion of access to education, sustainable livelihood, environmental stewardship and human rights

Julius Kitheka

Our foundation is built on the service we offer to uplift humanity and alleviate suffering.

Rose Kimani

Our vision in Kenya is to contribute to resilience and alleviate suffering of the communities by equipping them with skills and empowering them to cope and respond to catastrophic situations.

Who we are

IAS K is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the NGO Coordination Board in Kenya. The organization was re-registered as a local/national NGO in 2017 as an independent and autonomous with a local governing board.

Food is critical to school going children, in drought stricken regions of Kenya, availability of food is a challenge. Linas Matkasse has continuously funded our feeding programme - Plate for plate, to feed children in Marimanti Primary school in Tharaka Nithi County.
We believe in empowering communities to be self reliant. Our approach has been in five major facets;
1. Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction - We help communities improve food security, increase income and maintain the environment through tree planting
2. Integrated Water Resource Management, sanitization and Hygine
3. Inclusive Education
4. Civil Society Development
5. Humanitarian Intervention
6. Main stream Cross-cutting issues
We believe that we are able to raise all the required funds for our course through everyones support, including you. The more we pool funds together, the quicker we deliver the promise to the rightholders. We are stewards of your quest to help. Our vision it to be able to achieve our goal - " Alleviate Suffering, and improve lives" Our Mission is to Marshall all resources and use them to achieve our goal.
Our gallery

We collect experiences from all we do, and have acquired many lessons in our domain over the years. The support you give us goes a long way in improving peoples lives, as we show case here.

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